Fat2Flaca Meet & Greet!

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F2F’s Burlesque Birthday Bash!


  Friends, family and friends and family of Friends of Friends, who I don’t know, but I hope come out to celebrate also: It has been 1.5 years since I committed to turning my life around and made the decision to have VSG weight loss surgery and MORE importantly, to embrace exercise and healthy eating […]

Weightloss Goal Victory: Finally under 200-lbs!


Add me on Instagram: Fat2Flaca #Transformationtuesday Standing 5’9” at 405(+) lbs, I was perpetually sick and tired. I had tried every lemon and Syrup, herbalife, xenadrine, cabbage soup solution there was. I was a habitual brief gym enthusiast in bursts if a few days at a time and also a selective fan if dance aerobics, […]

Queen of HP and Reyes Double Poetry Feature!

we are and queen web flyer 2

La Reyna and Reyes Double Poetry Feature  Poetry + Comedy + Spoken Word + Politics + Culture The Queen of HP (Janeida Rodriguez) and Reyes (Michael A. Reyes) are happy to announce their double feature poetry show, The Queen of HP & We Are. Far from your average poetry show, you will laugh, cry and […]

New Reggaeton Zumba Routine! La Maquina Del Baile by Daddy Yankee

  I decided to practice a new routine in between Zumba classes with a few of our participants and go awesome feedback! They love this Reggaeton joint! It’s one of my favorites so give it a try and comment what you thought! Song: La Maquina Del Baile – Daddy Yankee Choreography by DANIEL CURAPIL ZF. […]

Guiso de Pavo Molido Para Pastelillos (Empanadas) Horneados

Fat2Flaca’s Pavo Molido Guisado (Ground Turkey in Creole Sauce) I use this delicious recipe as the filling for my pastelillos (or empanadas). It’s a simple recipe full of veggies, herbs, and yummy lean protein that tastes so packed with flavor! These pastelillos made momma proud! They are also perfect to preeze and cook at a […]

Fat2Flaca’s Fit Food: How To Make Sofrito!

Fat2flaca’s Sofrito (Carribean Vegetable Puree Base) This is the Heart of Puerto Rican Cuisine used in many stews, rice, soups, etc. There are MANY variations, some use Achoite, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil and others use spicy peppers, but I am not a fan of spiciness and keep my Sofrito Green, Light and Fresh buy not […]